R.I.P., east Jackson moose

By Jim Stanford on March 13, 2008

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moose at the entrance to Thai Me Up — Mark Gocke photo

The young moose that had been grazing in yards and sleeping on porches in east Jackson has died.

Mark Gocke of Wyoming Game and Fish reports that his agency received a call of a dead moose near the intersection of Snow King and Cache last night. Wildlife officers picked up the animal this morning.

“I was hoping she could hold on until spring,” Gocke writes.

The 1-year-old female had fairly high winter tick loads and hair loss, Gocke says. Game and Fish will collect tissue samples and send them to the State Veterinarian’s Office in Laramie for testing.

magpies pick at the moose on its last day — photo by Geneva Chong

Was there anything any of us could have done? I asked Gocke. His response:

Unfortunately, no. Mother Nature can be pretty cruel. … These things happen in the natural world every day, but it becomes especially disturbing when it’s in our front yard.

In other wildlife news, a female mountain lion recently died in Wilson of natural causes, orphaning three kittens. The cats had been seen in the Indian Paintbrush neighborhood several weeks ago. Game and Fish captured two of the kittens Monday, but the third remained at large.

News&Guide photographer Brad Boner spotted and photographed the lone orphan on Teton Pass. The kittens will be sent to a zoo in North Dakota because they are too young to be fed and released into the wild, Sara Carlson of the Cougar Fund reports.

Maybe we should bring a few venison steaks on our next hike up the pass.


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  1. js March 14, 2008 5:18 pm

    update from Mark Gocke:

    The third kitten was recovered at a residence near Wilson this afternoon. It was in poor physical condition and is being given water and game meat. The plan is for it to rejoin its siblings, which were transported to the Game and Fish Department’s Tom Thorne/Beth Williams Wildlife Research facility near Wheatland today and then transported to the zoo in North Dakota.

    (I was worried that kitten wouldn’t survive after nearly 2 feet of snow fell last night and today)

  2. js March 20, 2008 10:35 am

    In a remarkable symmetry, Game and Fish wound up feeding the moose carcass to the rescued kittens.

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