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By Jim Stanford on January 30, 2009

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After trying to expunge the name in an embarrassing p.r. move in 2003, Targhee has embraced Marys Nipple at last.

After trying to expunge the name in 2003, Grand Targhee has come around to embracing Mary's Nipple, named for a former Trap Bar waitress.

A quick daily roundup as we prepare for the Buzzsaw Bowl:

Tramformation Day

Tramformation Day

• The N.Y. Times takes a ride on the new $31 million Jackson Hole Aerial Tram. A starring role goes to Spencer Rank, 100-day diehard and ski tuning artisan at Pepi Stiegler Sports.

“Mr.” Rank speaks of his displeasure at the old tram’s decommissioning:

“I was not happy. Part of why I came here was the tram. I thought about moving.”

Also making cameos: J.K., Chuck Melichar, Edie Thys Morgan, The Snaz.

Befriend Dick!

Befriend Dick!

• Today is Dick Cheney‘s 68th birthday.

Alas, we will no longer know of his presence in Jackson Hole by the obvious spectacle of Air Force Two parked on the airport runway.

Some of his friends in Iraq have erected a birthday present.

Joe Biden sends well-wishings.

• Grand Targhee Resort warmly embraces Mary’s Nipple, at last.

On Saturday the Alta, Wyo., resort hosts the Mary’s Nipple Challenge, a breast cancer fund-raiser in which skiers and snowboarders will lap the sidecountry peak to raise money for treatment. The vertically adverse will make laps on a Nordic course instead.

Proceeds will benefit the St. John’s Medical Center Oncology Fund. The event is part of the She Rips weekend at the ‘Ghee, with all-female clinics and discounts on lift tickets, spa treatments, retail and food.


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  1. josh treese August 27, 2013 4:43 am

    “named for a former Trap Bar waitress”

    that’s some historical re-engineering (the name predates the resort by almost a century, the true summit being the eastern one, beyond the patrolled area, with the middle summit being hike-to and the western summit being snowcat, regardless of any rebranding by ski areas)

  2. Brad August 28, 2013 5:53 pm


    You will find “Nipples” on BLM, USFS and USGS topo maps throughout the West.

  3. jj August 29, 2013 5:17 pm

    do you really care?


  4. Brad August 30, 2013 2:16 am

    Obviously, no?

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