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By Jim Stanford on March 30, 2010

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Finish at Astoria Hot Springs. The last two PPPs were more wintry with wind and snow. But this year's temperature was the coldest in recent memory.

This much we know about the 2010 Pole Pedal Paddle: Brooks Holmes and Kathleen Crowley were the champs, with both winning at least a share of the Triple Crown as best all-around skiers in Jackson.

And it was frigid. Freeze-off-parts-of-your-anatomy frigid.

But the breakdown of times is kind of hazy, as a new electronic timing system malfunctioned at the nordic finish, much to everyone’s frustration. The Ski Club has posted incomplete results here.

It was a strange morning. Doug Cook, winner of the men’s rec division, had his alpine skis run over in the parking lot before the race (by another competitor rushing to get ready). A JHMR employee, he was able to retrieve a spare pair, albeit unsharpened, in a nick of time.

This cool design worked better than the new electronic timing.

Doug and I are neighbors and had carpooled to Teton Village for the start. No sooner had we put the skis fiasco behind us than I discovered a flat rear tire on the road bike I was using. My stellar support person, Amy McCarthy, got to work on fixing it, and a good Samaritan lent a hand: Chris Onufer, a fellow rec competitor I traditionally chase around the course.

When Chris later reached the bike transition, he hadn’t pedaled 10 feet when he, too, got a flat. Some folks helped him change it, and remarkably he still managed to beat me by nearly a minute.

As much as everyone likes to pore over the times and see how they fared against the field (and past performances), I generally measure my success in the PPP based on how I feel about the race. Every year is different, and every year poses new challenges. Gear, as exemplified above, is a major logistical challenge.

Sometimes the race kicks my ass. This year, despite the early snafus and the cold, I felt great — because I had done my best. The PPP brings it out of us, and fancy timing system or not, that’s reward enough for participating.

(Update: Dave Bergart tied Brooks for the men’s Triple Crown.)


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  1. D. March 30, 2010 9:35 pm

    Agreed I hope to do it some day my water skills are poor however so I dont know if I will be able to.

  2. js March 31, 2010 2:57 pm

    Update from the Ski Club:

    Men’s Final Triple Crown
    Brooks Holmes and Dave Bergart: Tied for first with 251 points each
    Spencer Morton just barely off the tie with 250 points.

    Women’s Final Triple Crown
    Kathleen Crowley: 311
    Anna Davis: 289
    Maggie Gibson: 247

    Because there was a tie in the Men’s category both Holmes and Dave will receive a 10 day JHMR pass, a Trail Creek season pass, and a Snow King season pass.
    Katheen Crowley will receive a 20 day JHMR pass, a Trail Creek season pass, and a Snow King season pass.

    Big thanks to the following local athletes who also participated:
    Trisha Mayers
    Jennifer Green
    Charlie Hagen
    Cody Lockhart
    Tate Graham
    Aaron Pruzan
    Rob Watsabaugh
    Jim Roscoe
    Jim Mitchell

  3. randosteve March 31, 2010 9:18 pm

    soooo js…what’s this i hear about some people getting disqualified for drafting on the bike section? or did i hear wrong?

  4. js April 1, 2010 12:16 pm

    Drafting is against the rules, but I did not hear of anyone getting DQ’d for it.

    There are a lot of missing bike times (about a quarter of the field) because of the timing breakdown between the nordic and bike transition.

    The race class appears to be accurate. Rec finish order is accurate, I think, but not sure about those times.

  5. randosteve April 2, 2010 6:40 am

    i heard some people got dq’d…and wondered.

  6. DaBum April 5, 2010 12:35 am

    I think it’s great to inspire our super local athletes to now try and do their best in all 3 races. That takes a lot to average out as the best in this valley. Too bad JHMR couldn’t pony up a real prize(mtn. pass) or at least a full 20 day for each tie winner. They have NO Clue how to connect to the locals. I mean for Pete’s sake, it cost more in time and money, just to make all three events happen, than a 10 day pass in summer. I think JHMR feels their passes are worth too much to just give away. Unfortunate becuase the valley would like to support them.

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