gapers, apes and spring chickens

Closing day festivities at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort coincided with Easter Sunday and capped a week-long freak fest. Click to enlarge.

If you’ve been wondering why no Last Tram coverage this year, we’ve been waiting for photographer Taylor Glenn to get his film developed from closing week at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

Yes, film. To many of us, that’s like skiing on a pair of 205 slalom boards. But as you can see from Taylor’s work, patience pays off in image quality.

An independent shooter specializing in wedding and portrait photography and also owner of the mobile photo booth, Taylor lugged his medium-format Contax all over Rendezvous Mountain for two festive occasions in the last week of the season: Gaper Fool’s Day on April 1 and the Last Tram party on April 4.

He compiled a gallery of 124 images that capture Jackson Hole in all its costumed, Pabst-guzzling glory. View the full slide show on his personal blog.


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