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By Jim Stanford on October 28, 2010


If you haven't noticed any Ben Ellis yard signs around town, it's because he mercifully has spared us. Instead, he has painted old doors from the Habitat ReStore.

Update 11/3: Ben was re-elected by nearly 300 votes. Thank you, everyone who supported him!

Today is County Commissioner Ben Ellis‘ birthday. At 44, he remains by far the youngest commissioner and as such brings a vital perspective to the board.

As I’ve written before, it’s imperative that we re-elect Ben to represent us, particularly with revision of the Comp Plan nearing completion. He has been a stalwart voice for progressives and is fearless in pursuing concrete solutions.

Other candidates talk about pathways and energy efficiency, but these have been Ben’s signature issues. He spearheaded the 10×10 initiative in which local government has reduced energy consumption by 10 percent. He rode the sheriff’s department hard to comply. He also pushed to encourage composting as the cost of trash collection rose.

Ellis is a backcountry skier and kayaker who makes his own biodiesel.

Looking ahead, Ben has made transportation the centerpiece of his campaign. He envisions a comprehensive and free public bus system and fully connected pathways. He doesn’t just “support” these goals; he has actively worked to accomplish them, even before he was elected.

Hank Phibbs, another Democrat, deserves a second term, too. He has lived here longer and knows more people, and likely will have an easier time getting re-elected.

Ben needs our help. Spread the word, and don’t forget to vote Ellis either on your absentee ballot or on Election Day, Nov. 2.


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  1. Mike Welch October 29, 2010 10:49 am

    I couldn’t agree more! In his first four years, Ben has shown true leadership on the board with a commitment to addressing complicated problems and controversial issues in a truly open way, not always found in someone in his position. On both new initiatives, as well as ongoing issues, Ben has proven his desire to move forward with progressive ideas that this community supports with regard to Energy (10×10 initiative, and more…), Transportation (huge pathways and trails supporter, not just in words but in action, and more…), and Affordable Housing.

    Ben was the strongest voice, by far, among leaders during the SPET discussions, in insisting that the boards, staff, and community acknowledge and plan for the Operations and Maintenance costs associated with each project.

    Ben’s experience in managing large projects, small businesses, and consulting in many different arenas helped him work w/ the other electeds and Town and County staff to address the budget impacts resulting from economic conditions in a responsible and meaningful way.

    Ben deserves our vote, and we’re going to need his critical and thoughtful insights, along with his commitment to progressive transportation solutions during the upcoming Comp Plan process – let’s keep a good man in office!

  2. Sandy Shuptrine October 29, 2010 12:15 pm

    Ben works incredible hard to live his values and is dedicated to creating sustainable choices that will offer a more secure future for us all-affordable housing as part of all development, transportation alternatives that reduce energy consumption and congestion, more consideration for wildlife in the Comprehensive Land Use Plan update and strong support for community services that keep our social fabric strong. He is a leader for efficient, co-operative, open local government.

    He has reduce his playing time to bare minimum to serve us all. Let’s show him our support next Tuesday!

  3. Benjamin Ellis October 29, 2010 1:00 pm

    Jim, thanks for your support! I really do enjoy working on the commission and hope to have four more years finish the energy efficiency and transportation projects that I’ve started. As one vote on a board of five, decisions don’t always go my way, but I’m persistent in bringing these issues to the board and enjoy the debate.

    And I echo your comments about Hank. He has a sharp mind and a has made real commitment to public service. He also has a genuine passion for Jackson’s unique landscape that informs his decisions on the board.

    Ben Ellis

  4. joe October 29, 2010 1:07 pm

    that last statement was the political equivelant of (don.t ask don.t tell) or universally known as political man love.
    remember this weekend we are rallying to restore sanity, but it did sound very mega-progressive.

  5. Mike October 29, 2010 2:29 pm

    Joe, in the interest of sanity, anything of substance to offer? I’ve got specifics up there (for sake of brevity, I’ll not list every item that came before the BCC this year, w/ corresponding votes, but would be happy to discuss even more detail of my assertions, which are quite specific for this type of forum.)

    Anyone else you support, for specific reasons?

    I am actually quite pleased that there a few local, state, and national candidates I can actually be proud of – a nice position to be in, given current climate of political discourse in this country.

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