$3 shuttles available for New Year’s

By Jim Stanford on December 29, 2011

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Update: Click for schedule.

Thanks to the JH Late Night Transportation Crusade, New Year’s Eve merrymakers can get a safe, cheap ride home in something other than a police cruiser.

Shuttles will be provided between 12:30 and 3 a.m. connecting Teton Village, the West Bank and town. The town drop-off locations are Albertsons, Town Square and St. John’s Medical Center. Pick-up points on the West Bank are the Mangy Moose, Q Roadhouse and Stagecoach Bar.

Shuttles will run about every 20 minutes. Tickets are for sale in advance at the Town Square Tavern liquor store, Mangy Moose market and The Liquor Store, next to Albertsons.

So go ahead, have that extra extra glass of champagne and kiss the girls at midnight, assuming you can find any.

Aaron Davis has a rundown of all the New Year’s music around Jackson Hole.

Kudos to the organizers behind the transportation campaign. Between their efforts and the recent appointment of April Hankey to the START board, hopefully the community can come up with better bus service at night.

Last week, I met a group of West Bank friends at the ‘Coach to commemorate a special occasion. Because I caught a ride to the bar, I resigned myself to taking a cab home, if needed. After not finding anyone else driving to town, I took the cab — and had to pay $20 for a ride to the Square, which is freaking ridiculous.


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  1. Jon December 30, 2011 5:45 am

    Sorry to throw water on your rant, but how is $20 ridiculous?

    I’m guessing the cab was not waiting outside the bar four you. It had to be dispatched there? It‘s about 8 miles from Wilson to the square. Cab company has to pay for: the driver, possibly some benefits for him/her, the vehicle, maintenance, fuel, collision insurance, business insurance. Might be nice to make some profit since, afterall, they are a BUSINESS.

    That cab ride in any big city would cost you about $20 assuming no dispatch. Including tip, a ride of that length in San Fran would run you about $35. Why would Jackson be any different? Cost of living is certainly as much as most big cities.

  2. Ski guy January 3, 2012 11:05 pm

    Well said Jon! $20 to get home safe is pennies compared to DUI! However I am on your side Jim, we need to address the late night START service and the fact that the bus doesn’t even come to Wilson! I think It is a joke that START can’t make the less than one mile trip to Wilson from Stilson! At least the pathways are being plowed to give pedestrians an option. Thanks to the organizers for NYE Shuttle service! If I weren’t home with the family on Saturday I would have bought a ticket to ride!

  3. Boat 1 Retired January 5, 2012 9:46 am

    START bus has provided service to Wilson in the past – the reason it doesn’t anymore is no-one supported it by actually riding the bus. I am on the START bus board and I have also worked closely with the late night transportation crew. Two major factors you have to consider – riders and money! No riders equals no money! People may say that with the new lodging tax dollars START should have money to run a Wilson (or even late night) service. In reality, the town and county simply substituted lodging tax money for their (town&county) historical contributions to fund START Bus.
    You want late night or Wilson(or even Rafter J/Melody Ranch) service via START Bus – then talk to your electeds. Push them to increase funding for bus service – as a board we would love to see extended hours and service areas and have explored these option in the past. It just takes money…and riders!

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