global warming fells Paul Bunyan

By Jim Stanford on February 22, 2012

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Remains of Paul Bunyan snow sculpture on the Square.

The storm that swept into Jackson Hole, raising temperatures from -6 on Monday to 41 degrees today, has claimed its first casualty.

The sudden thaw and blustery winds proved too much for the Paul Bunyan snow sculpture on the Town Square. Built by a Laramie team in the chamber’s Winterfest contest, the sculpture stood 12 feet tall. Here is what it looked like on Saturday.

There is some real Wyoming wind raging outside right now, gusting to 72 mph atop Rendezvous Mountain, according to JH Weather. Intermittent rain and sleet made for a dreary day of slush around town.

I’ve said this before, and probably written it here, too, but in my first five or six winters in Jackson Hole, we could count on one hand the total number of times it rained. Now it seems to rain five or six times every winter.

Lest light powder someday be an “American legend,” colder temperatures and continued snow are in the forecast, so better hop to it.


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  1. js February 27, 2012 3:40 pm

    I had an interesting exchange with meteorologist Jim Woodmencey last week, who shared the following:

    I’ve been here 30 years now and I don’t see it as that uncommon to see rain below 8,000-ft. at least once or twice a winter.
    It is sort of the nature of the ebb and flow of the weather coming out of the Pacific and the position of the jet stream relative to us … (North of us yesterday, warm. South of us today, cool)

    The skiing over the weekend was some of the best of the season. I should write about global warming more often!

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