avalanche kills snowmobiler on Togwotee

By Jim Stanford on February 27, 2012

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A snowmobiler died today after being caught in a slide in the vicinity of Togwotee Pass, the Bridger-Teton Avalanche Center reported.

The avalanche occurred in the Dry Lake Creek area, forecasters said. According to Google Maps, Dry Lake Creek is located south of Highway 26/287 and east of Mount Leidy.

Bridger-Teton forecasters rated the danger today as moderate, meaning riders should evaluate snow and terrain carefully. The forecast read:

Backcountry travelers could trigger recently developed wind slabs one to three feet in depth. Any extended periods of sunshine will make these slides more susceptible to failure on sunlit aspects as the day warms. Moderate hazard is not a green light; getting caught in one of these slides has the potential for severe consequences and caution is advised.

Update: The News&Guide reports the snowmobiler was part of a group of 10.
Update 2/28: As commenters have shared, authorities have identified the victim as Jack Loxtercamp, 35, of Minnesota. The Bridger-Teton Avalanche Center reported that Loxtercamp was high-marking on Grouse Mountain when the slide occurred. The slope was east facing and at 9,700 feet.


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  1. js February 27, 2012 8:16 pm

    Another sledder barely escaped an avalanche Friday while high-marking near the Alta ski area in Utah: http://youtu.be/wRJZzz-fsRc

  2. hk February 28, 2012 9:06 am
  3. Wascally_Wabbit February 28, 2012 9:58 am

    It turned out to be 35 year old Jack Lee Loxtercamp from Villard Minnesota.

    Sad to hear. I feel bad for his family and friends.

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