eye candy from greater Yellowstone

Continuing his transition from still photography to multimedia, David Stubbs has compiled this reel of footage shot within the last year.

Highlights include the full lunar eclipse over Death Canyon in December, a ski trip with Exum Mountain Guides on Teepe Glacier in the high Tetons and paddling the upper Green last fall between Green River Lakes.

David shot some of the Yellowstone and Jackson Lake footage in the moonlight, one of his fortes. And at least one sequence, of surreal clouds in motion, was taken on the very best location: his back porch.

It’s incredible to think all of these moments can be witnessed here in a matter of months, if you’re willing to get up early and get after it.


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  1. dave March 27, 2012 10:28 am

    very nice!

  2. Rob Weinstein March 27, 2012 4:00 pm

    That´s a rad little video. I´m going to show it to my English students here in Brasil to give a good rundown of where I moved from.

    Giving credit where credit is due, of course. Muito ´brigado.

  3. Daryl L. Hunter March 28, 2012 12:04 pm

    Excellent! Davids done a great job of profiling the GYE

  4. crystal March 29, 2012 6:43 am

    WOW! Great stuff, thanks for sharing ! I love the clouds, we live in such an amazing planet !

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