abortion crazies met with humor, love

By Jim Stanford on May 9, 2012

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Counter protester last year.

Now that Jackson has become a destination resort for anti-abortion protesters, residents are responding in creative ways.

First Brad Watsabaugh started a Facebook campaign called Protecting ElkFest with Love. Then an even bigger group formed, Jackson Hole United, that sought to deflect and defuse the first round of protests earlier this week.

The town’s decision to restrict free speech last summer backfired horribly, giving the zealots what they seek most: conflict. Having raised considerable publicity and cash following their organizers’ arrest, the crazies announced their intention to return to the Boy Scout antler auction and ElkFest on May 19. And even crazier crazies joined the fray this week.

Before Brad and Jackson Hole United took action, several of us had discussed exercising our right to free speech in concert with the protests. Send a message using the contact tab above if you want in. It ought to be amusing.

“Rather than feeding the hatred and ugliness that the abortion protestors thrive on, we will surround and drown them in love and compassion!” reads the purpose of Protecting Elkfest with Love. Add humor to the mix.

The group is distributing signs and T-shirts to counter the protests.

Jackson Hole United did an excellent job Monday helping parents steer clear of the protests with their kids, who were the intended targets for images purportedly of dead fetuses and such. The group has swelled to nearly 2,000 members, including those who oppose a woman’s right to choose abortion but deplore the protesters’ methods.

It should be noted that while media reports have characterized the protests as the work of outside groups, there are several residents actively aiding them, including none other than the vice chairman of the Teton County Republican Party, Jeremy Aughenbaugh.

“Hey OSA!” his wife wrote on the group’s Facebook page in June. “This is Felice and Jeremy up here in Jackson WY! We loved meeting you guys and catchn’ the vision! We are 100% commited as a Jackson chapter! We will be the forerunners! Big HUGS to all!”

The hugs Jackson Hole United and Protecting ElkFest will be giving under the banner of “Civility, Compassion, Love” ought to be more effective.


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  1. Common sense May 16, 2012 11:48 am

    Crazies? Pot calling the kettle black. While I totally disagree with the approach of this group- even more appalling is the lack of emotion for the children that are dying. Forget religious views- the killing of a human child on a regular basis defies all laws of nature. You who cried for the wolf- moose – and mouse easily turn your head and ignore the murder in America of innocent human lives– Shame on all of you, I’m sickened by your actions even more than the distasteful, though honestly portrayed deaths of unborn children—

  2. common sense 2 May 17, 2012 9:15 am

    First of all, it is unbelievable that we as a town, allow these people to come onto town square with their propaganda waving in our faces. Poor tourists who want to spend a lovely weekend in Jackson instead get confronted with graphic exaggerated pictures of aborted fetuses and rude do gooders. Surely, these anti abortionist can think of a less terrifying way to brainwash people. Jackson is so beautiful at this time of year, thats the real reason they keep showing up. None of them care about our town or the people in it, especially the unborn.

  3. Rob Weinstein May 17, 2012 11:06 am

    “Deaths of the Unborn” made me laugh. Sounds like a good title to a B rated horror flick.

  4. Not ignorant May 18, 2012 9:10 am

    I agree with common sense
    If there would be a vet doing abortions on animals…OMG…Jackson would be all over that
    It is typical selfish agenda….abortion is against nature and plain cruel…..take responsibility for your bad choices….there are other options…do you have kids?
    Do you love your kids?
    Anyone who has ever seen an ultrasound at 8 weeks when they do most of the abortions , this tiny little bean wiggling around….this is a living being….that has a right to be loved and life
    These pictures they are showing are plain reality…go ahead, close your eyes …it does not change the fact you are a killer

  5. Doesitmatter May 18, 2012 10:12 pm

    You can’t be serious. Wyoming has the death penalty….. Doesn’t that make you a ” killer” too?!?! Ridiculous. Move.

  6. Bryan Jones May 23, 2012 9:49 pm

    I do not believe that the people of Jackson, Wy would be offended if the OSA wasn’t so offensive. The OSA/or our government has got to realize how disgusting the signs are that they are waving in our faces. Morally Offensive. Put a stop to the disgusting level of picketing! If that was operation Wall Street shots would be fired!!!

  7. THINK about it! May 25, 2012 7:45 pm

    I agree with Bryan. Nobody in Jackson is conducting abortions on 3rd trimester and term fetuses, yet they portray images of full-term born babies that are disasembled and mutilated. This is not reality, but just a greusome and disgusting way to appeal to the emotions of people like “Common sense” and “Not ignorant” that don’t know any better. Most people in Jackson do know better and don’t appreciate having the images in their face, especially since they’re technically lying to our town.

    Also, movies have ratings so that adults can monitor what their children see, yet these “R” rated images are plastered in plain view for children to see and have nightmares about. We do love our children here in Jackson which is why we don’t want those images!

  8. CY May 26, 2012 12:29 am

    You know what??! The real problem is these anti- abortion protesters don’t give a damn about these children after they’re born. If they did, they would support the social services required to care for these unwanted and often underprivileged children.


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