elk preparing for start of rifle season

By Jim Stanford on September 20, 2012

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Clad in blaze orange, this bugling bull ought to dodge a bullet in front of Pearl Street Bagels and Wilson Backcountry Sports.

After several weeks open only to archery, elk hunters are set to stalk the forests around Jackson Hole armed with rifles. Hunt area 71, Pacific Creek, opens today, while many more areas open Sept. 26.

Elk are ready to duck and cover, as the above photo suggests.

The grassy area in front of Pearl Street Bagels in Wilson occasionally serves as a stage to make a statement, at least forcing drivers on Highway 22 to do a double-take while returning from Teton Pass or breakfast at Nora’s. Last winter, for instance, “flowers” began blooming suspiciously early on the island.

Either the spot is curated by someone with a good sense of humor, or this adornment of the elk is part of Suzanne Morlock’s latest “Yarn Art” project, in which senior citizens are knitting accessories for statues around the valley.

Update: Artist Morlock did have a hand in bedecking the statue but credits Lisa Ridgway for the idea and doing most of the knitting. Morlock writes about the project on her blog and will discuss the artist’s role as instigator at the next Culture Front forum Sept. 27.


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  1. Sari Staggs September 25, 2012 10:11 am

    Way to go, Lisa!! Art saving lives. Knitters unite.

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