Band of Horses roams Antelope Flats

By Jim Stanford on September 27, 2012

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The musicians from Band of Horses weren’t exactly Shut-In Tourists on their visit to Jackson Hole earlier this summer.

As Aaron Davis reported last week, the group stretched out in Jackson prior to performing at the Pink Garter on July 31. The rockers rehearsed at the theater for three days and enjoyed an off day before joining My Morning Jacket on tour.

The band’s time here bore fruit, as evidenced by the above video of “Slow Cruel Hands of Time,” a track from the latest album, Mirage Rock. Fans also can listen on Spotify to a live version of “Knock Knock,” the lead single from the album, recorded at the Pink Garter (see video after the jump).

While working their new songs into shape, the players ventured into Teton park to strum in the sagebrush. Was there a Ghost on Mormon Row?

This video, and likely the audio track on Spotify, appear to have been shot during a rehearsal, else the crowd would be packed in front of the stage.

Band of Horses posted both videos on its website. The exposure is sure to raise the profile of the Pink Garter — and Jackson Hole — as a music venue.

(Thanks to Deep Sea Vent for the Spotify tip.)

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  1. kevin p. September 30, 2012 4:54 pm

    Was pretty special to see this band up close and live…I was one of the 400 that scored a ticket. Fourth time I’ve seen them…one time in a smaller venue than PG…The Parish in Austin. I knew when you walked in, and there was someone handing you optional ear plugs that the show would be loud. Being that BoH plays mostly large stadium shows now, their sound system is also large…stacks of Marshall amps (twice as big as any other show I saw there this summer)…but too large for the Pink Garter. Show was too loud to enjoy. Think my ears are still ringing. Can’t complain about the amount of live music here in the Hole this summer…looking forward to next summer!

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