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As promised, here is the video from Wednesday’s League of Women Voters forum for Jackson Town Council candidates. Many thanks again to Danny Holland and Sam Petri for volunteering to record and stream the event.

Owing to my lack of skill at video editing and desire to get this up quickly, I have posted the entire forum, introductions and all. Some of you might care to understand the format, which allotted candidates only 45 seconds to respond to questions after the first person answered. Plus, there are well deserved mentions of the organizers, a shout-out to Sandy Shuptrine (sidelined by surgery) and a few funny moments, if you know the characters.

For those looking to get to the issues quickly, skip to these segments:

10:12 — entertaining intro by Jake Nichols of JH Weekly
10:40 — first question, about proposed Walgreen’s on Broadway, whether candidates would support and/or approve it
16:40 — workforce housing/density
22:00 — wildlife crossings
27:33 — proposed purchase of Forest Service property on North Cache
33:15 — Jim Genzer’s lawsuit against the town over comprehensive plan
39:42 — transportation planning
45:00 — affordable housing (subject of today’s Daily story)
50:30 — role of government/ban on idling or plastic bags
55:45 — town budget
1:02:00 — which candidate would you vote for besides yourself
1:07:30 — closing statements

There are some stark differences among the candidates. Judge for yourselves.

It seems silly, watching this now, to have felt nervous before the crowd. We are in a middle school commons, talking about small-town issues. This is not Obama and Romney pounding each other on the economy and national security.

And yet there is intense pressure having to stand up and talk about yourself, especially, and then spell out your vision for the future of Jackson in 45 seconds. (I had the added worry of whether the live stream was working or failing.)

As candidates, we were put through the ringer this week, with back-to-back forums (Rotary/Chamber was Tuesday), newspaper interviews and our own campaign events. It’s hard to do your homework on the issues to give good answers, and have time to do much else.

So be kind. I’ll be writing more about some of these issues next week.


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  1. Boat 1 Retired October 19, 2012 4:24 pm

    Jim – Kudos for having the cajones to answer that last question. Kind of BS that the others can’t make a stand. Makes we wonder what they will do when they have a hard choice to make if in office!

    And good job on the OK’s only heard 1 or 2!

  2. js October 19, 2012 6:11 pm

    I thought of you when I said one during the closing remarks — you can almost see me pause and think, damn, I owe him a beer.

  3. Norman Pear October 20, 2012 11:56 am

    You should have spiked the microphone on the ground afterwards because you were on your game like Tebow in the Meadowlands!

  4. SueP October 21, 2012 10:01 pm

    Thanks for sharing, Jim. I was unable to attend. Watching this video of the forum sealed the deal as to how I will vote next month. Gracious!

  5. Jay October 31, 2012 1:18 am

    Jim, I finally got a chance to watch this whole thing. It definitely served to further solidify the votes I was already planning to cast, but now I can do so much more well-informed. Thanks for posting this! And awesome job answering that last question. You showed that you CAN answer that type of sensitive question truthfully and tastefully. I don’t think any of the other candidates (especially Phil, haha) could have been put off by your answer, yet you were honest and straightforward. Everyone else chose to save face over integrity. Well done, Jim!!

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