woman hits deer, gets dragged by truck, saved by cop

By Jim Stanford on January 27, 2014

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Corp. Roger Schultz of the Jackson Police Department was on patrol heading west on Broadway on Jan. 17 when an elderly woman hit two deer with her truck.

Schultz blocked traffic and removed the deer, a doe and fawn, from the road. As he got back in his patrol car and moved it out of traffic, he noticed the woman being dragged by her truck. Flustered from the collision, she had gotten out of the vehicle but forgot to put it in park.

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councilmen to state reps: legalize it

By Jim Stanford on January 23, 2014

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Earlier this week, the town council invited state lawmakers and county commissioners for a discussion on the upcoming legislative session.

Sen. Leland Christensen and Reps. Ruth Ann Petroff and Keith Gingery talked about bills they plan to work on and issues such as state funding for local government. The latter is nuanced and not very sexy but important for how the town and county provide services.

Bob Lenz

At the end, we addressed a topic a little more tangible: a pair of bills that would legalize or decriminalize marijuana. The first, to be sponsored by Rep. Sue Wallis, a Campbell County Republican, would permit medicinal or even recreational use, while the second, authored by Rep. James Byrd, a Democrat from Laramie, would lower the penalty for possessing small amounts to $50 or $100.

That I support such measures is hardly a surprise. But what raised eyebrows was when 81-year-old Councilman Bob Lenz, a retired pharmacist, emphatically weighed in.

“Just legalize it and tax it and control it,” Lenz said. “I think you save a lot of problems … I’ve never had a joint in my life, but [from] everything they tell me, everybody smokes it.”

Skip ahead to the 61:30 mark. The marijuana discussion lasts about 6 minutes.

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redneck refuse leads to poaching bust

By Jim Stanford on November 4, 2013

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Game Warden Jordan Kraft shows the antlers taken by the poachers.

In a plot that could have been lifted from The Legend of Colton H. Bryant, two gas field workers are facing fines, jail time and loss of hunting privileges for poaching two mule deer bucks near Pinedale last fall.

The men were undone by their redneck lifestyle, leaving behind a tin of Copenhagen chew and can of Monster energy drink they apparently littered at the scene of the crime. Wyoming Game and Fish Department investigators were able to trace the men through surveillance video at the convenience store where they purchased the items.

The Game and Fish press release, after the jump, reads like a horror story of gas field culture. There’s no telling what acts of depravity humans may commit when amped up on Monster energy drink.

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after the burn

By Jim Stanford on August 8, 2013

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A cyclist descends the West Game Creek trail through an area of forest scorched by the Little Horsethief Fire. Photo by Brenton Reagan

Eleven months after the Little Horsethief Fire burned the back of Snow King, nature is rejuvenating itself.

Twice this summer I’ve been fortunate to ride with friends the newly improved West Game Creek trail that descends from the top of the mountain.

The first trip, back in early July, revealed a moonscape of burned-out trees and soot on the ground. Thanks to the efforts of the Forest Service and volunteers, the trail was in surprisingly good shape. Lupine and other wildflowers were blooming in places.

I returned last weekend to find fields of fireweed in the burned areas. Beyond the pink blossoms stood perfect stands of high grass. A hum was audible: bumble bees buzzing through the forest.

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parks cool with hitchhiking, too

By Jim Stanford on March 15, 2013

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This likely qualifies as a safe and legal place to solicit a ride up north.

When I first reported about the passage of state Sen. Leland Christensen’s hitchhiking bill and subsequent signing by the governor, readers inquired whether the law would apply to federal lands and interstate highways.

Sen. Christensen said the change, which removed a prohibition on soliciting rides, definitely applies to interstates. He also said based on a conversation with Yellowstone Superintendent Dan Wenk, he reasoned that the park would follow Wyoming law on the matter.

I followed up with Grand Teton National Park spokeswoman Jackie Skaggs, and she researched the Code of Federal Regulations.

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