griz shooters won’t face charges

By Jim Stanford on March 7, 2013

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The shooting was the first ever of a grizzly inside the park, but the third conflict in little over a year between hunters and grizzlies near the Snake.

Following a three-month investigation by Grand Teton National Park, the U.S. Attorney’s Office has decided not to press charges against three hunters who shot and killed a grizzly bear on Thanksgiving morning.

The investigation found that the hunters — David Trembly, 48, of Dubois, and his two sons, ages 20 and 17 — hit the bear with bullets and pepper spray “at nearly the same instant,” according to a park release. The report, made in consultation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, concludes the three acted in self-defense, and the encounter lasted fewer than 10 seconds.

The bear was a male, estimated to be 18 to 20 years old, and weighed 534 pounds. It had been feeding on an elk carcass nearby and likely was defending its food, biologists said.

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hitchhiking bill passes

By Jim Stanford on February 22, 2013

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Sen. Christensen at the Capitol last month.

A bill that would legalize hitchhiking in Wyoming has passed both chambers of the state Legislature and awaits Gov. Matt Mead’s signature to become law.

The bill, sponsored by Sen. Leland Christensen, R-Alta, passed final reading in the House today by a 52-6 vote. Earlier the Senate voted 29-1 to approve it.

“It is never over till the ink is dry,” Christensen wrote in an email. “I have my fingers crossed.”

The bill would remove language from state law prohibiting people from being on a highway for the purpose of soliciting a ride. If signed by the governor, the law would take effect July 1.

Reached at his home in Teton Village, Capt. Bob Morris, a longtime advocate of ride sharing, hailed the bill’s passage. “Hurray, that’s terrific news,” Morris said. “It should have happened decades ago.”

Morris said he did not plan to attend a prospective bill signing, even if he could hitch to Cheyenne.

Also expected to rejoice, if the governor approves the legislation: backcountry skiers on Teton Pass, rafters in the Snake canyon, and the mountain man Gator.


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Wyoming lawmakers react predictably to Newtown

By Jim Stanford on January 11, 2013

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The scene at the Capitol.

First came a bill to designate an official state gun.

Then another, inexplicably sponsored by Rep. Ruth Ann Petroff, R-Jackson, to exempt guns from sales tax.

And now House Bill 104, which would make any federal attempt at gun control, no matter how reasonable and justified, unenforceable in Wyoming. The bill is sponsored by Sen. Dan Dockstader, R-Afton, who represents Wilson and Hoback.

Not to be left out of all the rootin’ and tootin’ over shootin’, Rep. Keith Gingery, R-Jackson, is among the sponsors of yet another bill that would prohibit towns and counties from regulating firearms.

Then there’s the “Citizens’ and Students’ Self-Defense Act,” which would permit concealed weapons inside elementary and secondary schools and at any school, college or professional athletic event.

As usual, The Onion makes a forceful and sane counterargument.

Update 1/13: Co-sponsors Petroff and Dan Zwonitzer, R-Cheyenne, filed their bill two days before the Newtown massacre and could not withdraw it.


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does anyone recognize this bank-robbing jet setter?

By Jim Stanford on December 31, 2012

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Bank photo provided by police.

Goes by the name of “Charlie,” with a strong South African accent, police say.

The man is suspected of robbing the U.S. Bank on Powderhorn Lane at about 12:30 p.m. today.

Police say the man is roughly 6-foot-2 and 350 pounds, muscular but not obese, with big ears that stick out. He is wearing a long, black suit jacket and tan slacks to go with the pictured cap, and has a big silver watch on his left wrist.

Cops are advising citizens not to approach him but to call 307-733-2331.

New Year’s Eve seems to bring more and more outrageous revelers to Jackson Hole, but this is getting out of hand.

Update 1/24: Authorities have arrested Corey Donaldson, 39, an Australian living in Sandy, Utah, as the alleged robber.


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drunk texter flips car on Kelly Avenue

By Jim Stanford on November 29, 2012

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Scene of Monday’s crash. The driver told witnesses he had been texting.

Early Monday night, residents in the vicinity of Kelly and Willow heard a crash. One woman said it sounded like a truck had run into the side of her house.

A driver had smashed a parked car on Kelly and flipped his Subaru. The man and his dog were unhurt, according to witnesses who came outside to investigate. The man told them he didn’t know what happened because he had been texting.

Authorities arrived, and the man appeared to fail field sobriety tests. He likely ran the stop sign at Willow to be driving fast enough to flip his car. A tow truck had to turn the car back over to remove it, which was quite a production.

This looks like the second bizarre incident of driving while intoxicated on this block of Kelly Avenue this year. Back in April, a woman zonked on prescription medication went on a crazy rampage, sideswiping cars, taking out a stop sign and driving on lawns before finally coming to rest in May Park.

Thanks to the newshounds at the Triple Deuce for being on the scene.

The old adage seems to apply here: Never break more than one law at a time.


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