Rise Up


“The great appear great because we are on our knees. Let us rise.”

— Jim Larkin, Irish revolutionary (1876-1947)

“We are the people who run this country. We are the deciders.”

— Molly Ivins, American journalist (1944-2007)

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Howard Dean greets the faithful during a meeting of Democratic Party chairmen and -women from all 50 states in Teton Village.
In a small community like Jackson Hole, a handful of letters or phone calls from citizens can make a huge difference in how decisions are made.

• The Jackson Town Council oversees the Jackson Police Department and all issues of government within town limits. You can reach all councilors by e-mailing electedofficials@ci.jackson.wy.us or calling (307) 732-3932.

  • Mark Barron, mayor 690-4166
  • Jim Stanford jstanford@townofjackson.com
  • Hailey Morton hmorton@townofjackson.com
  • Bob Lenz 733-5527
  • Don Frank dfrank@townofjackson.com

• The Teton County Board of Commissioners oversees the Sheriff’s Office and all issues of government outside the town, particularly planning and development of rural projects. You can reach all commissioners by e-mailing commissioners@tetonwyo.org or calling (307) 733-8094.

  • Melissa Turley (D) 733-8094
  • Hank Phibbs (D) 733-2016
  • Ben Ellis (D) 732-2361
  • Paul Vogelheim (R) 734-8944
  • Barb Allen (R) 733-8094

• The Wyoming Legislature convenes each winter for one or two months. Among the important issues the Legislature deals with are conservation (Wildlife Trust Fund, stream flows, fishing access) and liquor laws. An effective way to register your opinion is to phone the House or Senate desks while the Legislature is in session and leave a phone message for your lawmakers, urging them how to vote on a bill.

Teton County legislators:

Call the Voter Hotline at (866) 996-8683, or to leave a more detailed message, phone the House reception desk at (307) 777-7852 or Senate desk at (307) 777-7711 during regular business hours.

A complete list of legislation, as well as state laws, the Wyoming Constitution and other helpful information, can be found on the legislative Web site. To check the status of a bill, call (800) 342-9570.


These are among the fine nonprofit groups working on behalf of citizens and the environment in Jackson Hole:

Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance attends all the tedious planning meetings and fights the tough battles so you don’t have to. The Alliance has been a staunch defender of public lands and wildlife since 1979, and advocates for slow, smart growth.

Snake River Fund does much of the dirty work of managing the Snake River Canyon — boat ramp maintenance, trash pickup, bathrooms, recycling — and enhancing public access along one of the most heavily used waterways in America. The Fund also works to ensure that development projects like highway construction do not threaten the river and its tributaries. The Fund spearheaded the campaign to preserve the Snake headwaters as part of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers system.

Friends of Pathways has helped build an extensive network of paths for cyclists, pedestrians and cross-country skiers around Jackson Hole. The group also advocates on behalf of cyclists on other transportation issues, particularly road projects with the Wyoming Department of Transportation.

Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust is building affordable housing to help keep the working class in Jackson Hole from having to move to outlying towns. The Trust builds high-quality homes that blend into neighborhoods and foster a feeling of community. Private donations allow the group to sell these homes at a deep discount, the only way working folks can afford to buy in a valley where the median home price is nearly $1 million.


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