Claire eyes ‘new sense of leadership’

By Jim Stanford on May 29, 2012

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Claire Fuller receives a hug from her father, Robbie, on Election Night 2008, when she narrowly lost in her first bid for Teton County commissioner.

With little more than three days remaining in the filing period to run for local office, there’s no telling what sort of new candidates will emerge to shake things up.

Claire Fuller has set out to change the status quo with a second run for Teton County commissioner. In 2008, at only age 24, Claire came within a few hundred votes of unseating political veterans Andy Schwartz and Leland Christensen.

Now 28 and more seasoned with education and work experience, the Wilson Democrat is back in the ring. The timing feels right, she said, and her desire to serve hasn’t cooled.

“I want to provide a new sense of leadership in the community,” she said.

If she didn’t run now, it might be years before she’d have another chance, she explained. “I’m at the beginning of a career of any sort,” she said. “The farther you get into that, the harder it is to leave.”

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in memoriam: Virginia Huidekoper

By Jim Stanford on October 28, 2010

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Virginia atop Rendezvous Mountain in April 2009. She came out for closing day with her oxygen tank to check out the new Aerial Tram.

I’d be remiss in not joining the chorus of tributes to the late Virginia Huidekoper, an icon of Jackson Hole who passed away Sunday in her cabin above Wilson at 88 years old.

Angus Thuermer of the News&Guide has penned a couple of fitting obituaries (here and here). Columnist Todd Wilkinson also wrote a remembrance, in which he accurately declares, “What Huidekoper didn’t countenance well was B.S.”

Virginia was a pioneer of skiing on Teton Pass. Her exploits were chronicled in the excellent ski film Legends of the Fall Line. She co-founded the Jackson Hole News with Ralph Gill in 1970 and took the famous photo of Bill Briggs’ ski tracks after his first descent of the Grand Teton.

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Election Day diary

By Favio Snimp on November 6, 2008

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(Ed. note: Correspondent Favio Snimp David Swift takes us through a sleepless, tense and ultimately surreal Election Day experience in Teton County, Wyoming.)

Robbie Fuller gives a proud hug to Claire Fuller, one of the few under-30s who did not feel victorious Tuesday night. She narrowly lost in her first bid for Teton County commissioner.

Robbie Fuller gives a proud hug to Claire Fuller, one of the few under-30s who did not feel victorious Tuesday. She narrowly lost her first bid for county commission.

So far, Election Day sucks. It’s 3:51 a.m. I can’t sleep. It’s that greedy kid on Christmas Eve feeling. A shock amps me more. I am shocked that I cannot coolly slumber into This Most Important Day Because Maybe The 21st Century Will Start, Finally.

It turns out, I desperately want Obama, Gary and all-round intelligence to win this thing. I mean, Republidudes. You’ve had your ideal nirvana perfect-market-system Bush-led government for eight years. A couple of weeks ago we passed $10 trillion in debt. Yesterday is was $500 billion deeper, halfway to $11 trillion.

Can we have a stab at running government this time? No way can we do worse.

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the Obama trickle-down effect

By Jim Stanford on August 19, 2008

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Claire Fuller probably can whip you in arm wrestlingChange begins from the ground up.

Yes, Barack Obama’s presidential campaign has inspired millions of young people to get involved and vote, but we will never change much unless we start at the grassroots.

Locally, we can see the effect of Obama’s empowering movement in the candidacy of two 20-somethings: Claire Fuller and Tommy Wood (and, to some extent, Greg Miles and Matt Lee, two other progressive candidates young in outlook if not in years).

Fuller, 24, is running for Teton County commissioner as a Democrat, following in the footsteps of her Huidekoper forbears. Wood, 29, has mounted an aggressive campaign for Jackson Town Council after moving to town just two years ago.

Both have appealed to a demographic traditionally underrepresented in Teton County: their peers.

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