woman hits deer, gets dragged by truck, saved by cop

By Jim Stanford on January 27, 2014

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Corp. Roger Schultz of the Jackson Police Department was on patrol heading west on Broadway on Jan. 17 when an elderly woman hit two deer with her truck.

Schultz blocked traffic and removed the deer, a doe and fawn, from the road. As he got back in his patrol car and moved it out of traffic, he noticed the woman being dragged by her truck. Flustered from the collision, she had gotten out of the vehicle but forgot to put it in park.

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does anyone recognize this bank-robbing jet setter?

By Jim Stanford on December 31, 2012

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Bank photo provided by police.

Goes by the name of “Charlie,” with a strong South African accent, police say.

The man is suspected of robbing the U.S. Bank on Powderhorn Lane at about 12:30 p.m. today.

Police say the man is roughly 6-foot-2 and 350 pounds, muscular but not obese, with big ears that stick out. He is wearing a long, black suit jacket and tan slacks to go with the pictured cap, and has a big silver watch on his left wrist.

Cops are advising citizens not to approach him but to call 307-733-2331.

New Year’s Eve seems to bring more and more outrageous revelers to Jackson Hole, but this is getting out of hand.

Update 1/24: Authorities have arrested Corey Donaldson, 39, an Australian living in Sandy, Utah, as the alleged robber.


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drunk texter flips car on Kelly Avenue

By Jim Stanford on November 29, 2012

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Scene of Monday’s crash. The driver told witnesses he had been texting.

Early Monday night, residents in the vicinity of Kelly and Willow heard a crash. One woman said it sounded like a truck had run into the side of her house.

A driver had smashed a parked car on Kelly and flipped his Subaru. The man and his dog were unhurt, according to witnesses who came outside to investigate. The man told them he didn’t know what happened because he had been texting.

Authorities arrived, and the man appeared to fail field sobriety tests. He likely ran the stop sign at Willow to be driving fast enough to flip his car. A tow truck had to turn the car back over to remove it, which was quite a production.

This looks like the second bizarre incident of driving while intoxicated on this block of Kelly Avenue this year. Back in April, a woman zonked on prescription medication went on a crazy rampage, sideswiping cars, taking out a stop sign and driving on lawns before finally coming to rest in May Park.

Thanks to the newshounds at the Triple Deuce for being on the scene.

The old adage seems to apply here: Never break more than one law at a time.


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not in Kansas anymore

By Jim Stanford on May 17, 2012

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Legitimate three-hour parking spots on the Square.

What if you traveled 1,000 miles to stage a gruesome abortion protest and no one could see it?

Props to the ranchers and moving truck owners for heading downtown on business this morning.

(Via Jackson Hole United)


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abortion crazies met with humor, love

By Jim Stanford on May 9, 2012

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Counter protester last year.

Now that Jackson has become a destination resort for anti-abortion protesters, residents are responding in creative ways.

First Brad Watsabaugh started a Facebook campaign called Protecting ElkFest with Love. Then an even bigger group formed, Jackson Hole United, that sought to deflect and defuse the first round of protests earlier this week.

The town’s decision to restrict free speech last summer backfired horribly, giving the zealots what they seek most: conflict. Having raised considerable publicity and cash following their organizers’ arrest, the crazies announced their intention to return to the Boy Scout antler auction and ElkFest on May 19. And even crazier crazies joined the fray this week.

Before Brad and Jackson Hole United took action, several of us had discussed exercising our right to free speech in concert with the protests. Send a message using the contact tab above if you want in. It ought to be amusing.

“Rather than feeding the hatred and ugliness that the abortion protestors thrive on, we will surround and drown them in love and compassion!” reads the purpose of Protecting Elkfest with Love. Add humor to the mix.

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