voting opens in primary

By Jim Stanford on July 17, 2012

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No need to wait until Aug. 21 to vote in the primary election — anyone may register and vote in advance right now, right up to the primary day.

Simply stop by the clerk’s office between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday in the Teton County administration building, 220 S. Willow St. (the same building where you register a car or pick up stickers for license plates).

The only requirement is a photo ID. No proof of residency is necessary. While a Wyoming driver’s license is preferred, other states’ are accepted, too.

And as a sage man often reminds us, you need to have lived here only a minute to vote.

This way, come Aug. 21, you won’t be caught backpacking in the Winds or working a double shift without having cast a ballot.

The field for Town Council just got a little less crowded. Councilor Greg Miles is dropping out of the race, narrowing the field to eight candidates for two seats. (The top four will advance from the primary.)

Miles announced his intention at last night’s council meeting and also posted a message to friends on Facebook, saying he is stepping aside to “allow some new ideas to come forward.” Miles said he wants to support his wife, Melinda Binks, who is producing a TV show in Los Angeles, and looks forward to working in the private sector again as a housing developer.


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council creates Snow King Speedway

By Jim Stanford on February 7, 2012

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In this simulation provided by an out-of-town consultant, a motorist shaves 6.7 seconds off the drive along Snow King Avenue with a new crossing of Flat Creek.

Like a lost tourist late for the Cache Creek wagon tour, the Jackson Town Council doesn’t seem to know where it’s going, but it’s determined to get there faster.

Twenty seconds faster.

Trying to devise a transportation plan for Snow King Avenue, councilors stepped on the gas last month and, despite public opposition, voted to remove stop signs at three intersections. Four-way stops at Cache Drive, Millward Street and Flat Creek Drive will become two-way, turning Snow King Avenue into an unchecked thruway from Virginian Lane to Snow King Resort.

In doing so, the council placed the needs of motorists ahead of cyclists and pedestrians, choosing speed over neighborhood character and safety. The road cuts through a residential area chock full of kids’ amenities, including the Amaze’n Maze, Teton Boulder Park, Phil Baux Park, Snow King Ski Area, King Tubes and Teton County Fairgrounds.

Moreover, the vote slams into reverse years of progress in making the town streets more conducive to nonmotorized transport.

All for fewer than 20 seconds saved during peak travel times.

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in memoriam: Sundance Inn

By Jim Stanford on September 29, 2011

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Not exactly paradise, perhaps, but it will be paved into a parking lot.

The Sundance Inn is reduced to rubble this morning.

Props to Town Councilor Greg Miles for trying to preserve at least a portion of the 1950s-era motor inn, the two-story limestone and glass structure facing Broadway, only a block off the Town Square.

Instead, we get a parking lot. Booo to the Wort Hotel for a lack of vision.

While Miles tried in the last few weeks to avert the wrecking ball, what mystifies me is why leaders and concerned citizens didn’t act sooner, perhaps denying the demolition permit. The last-minute Facebook campaign was a lost cause.


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vote! vote! vote!

By Jim Stanford on August 18, 2008

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Elect Greg Miles for Town CouncilWe’ll be posting a few thoughts and photos from yesterday’s Jackson Hole Music Festival — and what a scorching good time it was — but first let’s put the message of the music into action.

Tuesday is a primary election that will shape the Jackson Town Council and decide several community initiatives — a completed path segment (yay!) and $53 million jail (nay!) among them.

Anyone who lives in Teton County may vote. YOU NEED TO HAVE LIVED HERE ONLY A MINUTE to cast a ballot, and can register at the polls. Bring a driver’s license or some proof of identification.

Those who may have to work long hours tomorrow can fill out an absentee ballot at the county clerk’s office, at the corner of Willow and Simpson streets, until 5 p.m. today.

A list of polling places is posted here.

We’ll be following up with some last-minute information on a couple of candidates, for those looking to get informed. Rando Steve and Rando Kitty over at TetonAT already have compiled a backcountry skiers’ voting guide.

Ben Harper and Robert Randolph came to Jackson Hole and sang of revolution and positive change. Voting in local elections is an important, and easy, first step.

We can change the world, with our own two hands.


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