doomsday bill doomed

By Jim Stanford on February 28, 2012

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Unprepared for Armageddon?

Depriving comedians and headline writers of quality material, the Wyoming House of Representatives defeated today the so-called “doomsday bill” that would have created a task force to plan for the failure or shutdown of the federal government.

The bill failed on a 27-30 vote, with three legislators excused. Rep. Ruth Ann Petroff, R-Jackson, voted for the bill, while Reps. Keith Gingery, R-Jackson, and Jim Roscoe, D-Wilson, helped kill it.

The legislation made national headlines over the last week as observers chuckled at some of the more outlandish provisions, including Wyoming instituting a draft, forming an army and ordering an aircraft carrier. The bill was sponsored by Rep. Dave Miller, R-Riverton, who has a libertarian bent.

On Friday, the House sunk Miller’s battleship by removing the aircraft carrier provision, dashing Wyoming Public Radio news director Bob Beck’s dream of becoming admiral of the Wyoming Navy.

Comics, take heart. The House did advance today the bill calling on Congress to declare New York’s Central Park a wilderness area, thereby delivering a gift to the New York tabloids. Petroff voted in favor, with Gingery and Roscoe opposing.

To follow the action from the Legislature (today is the last day for bills to pass house of origin), search hashtag #wyleg on Twitter or follow @ButterBob.


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local legislators effective

By Jim Stanford on February 15, 2011

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Roscoe's district combines Wilson environmentalists with Sublette County ranchers and gas drillers.

Not all the news coming out of Cheyenne this legislative session is depressing.

Rep. Jim Roscoe, D-Wilson, succeeded last week in getting the House to approve his bill that would construct a natural gas filling station for vehicles along Interstate 80 and require the Wyoming Department of Transportation to retrofit its fleet to operate on natural gas. Other agencies of state government also could use the facility.

House Bill 235 passed final reading on a 33-26 vote and awaits debate in the Senate, where the Transportation and Highways Committee first will take up the measure.

“I’m a firm believer in natural gas as a transportation fuel,” says Roscoe, whose district encompasses gas fields in Sublette County. “It’s a whole lot cleaner, a whole lot better for the air.”

Implementing the bill would cost about $1 million initially, but that investment would be recouped in about five years because of reduced fuel costs, Roscoe says. The measure also would expand the market for Wyoming’s natural gas.

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your path to the polls

By Jim Stanford on November 2, 2010

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State Rep. Jim Roscoe, at left, won his seat in 2008 by only FOUR VOTES. After a recount and partial revote, Roscoe extended his margin of victory. In Wyoming, every vote can make a difference.

In Teton County, polls are open today from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Employers must give their workers one hour off to vote, provided the staff does not have three consecutive non-working hours off while polls are open.

Click here to find your polling place in Wyoming. If you live elsewhere, Google has a nifty app to help locate the right poll.

Remember, you need to have lived here only a minute to vote. Just give a physical street address, and register at the polls. if you don’t cast a ballot today, you are voting, too — for the winners, whose decisions you’ll be stuck with in the coming years.

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boaters promote stewardship

By Jim Stanford on March 29, 2010

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State Rep. Jim Roscoe greets Snake River Fund board member Corey Milligan. Roscoe, D-Wilson, lent his support to the project, saying, "To have the option of building something like this is tremendous."

More than 60 people filled the Old Wilson Schoolhouse last week to learn more about and give input on the proposed Wilson Bridge Recreation Area.

The dialogue was thoughtful, and public comment overwhelmingly positive.

One group not usually heard from in community planning discussions showed up in force: kayakers.

While many were there to lobby for inclusion of some sort of play feature, Dan Abraham, director of the Jackson Hole Kayak Club, talked of the broader importance of a community river facility.

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re-elect Jim Roscoe

By Jim Stanford on November 23, 2008

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Jim Roscoe has lived in the district for 35 years and worked his tail off for this election.

Jim Roscoe, builder and outdoorsman.

We’ve all been suffering from election fatigue. But imagine you’re state legislative candidate Jim Roscoe, and after eight months of tireless campaigning, knocking on just about every door in a district nearly the size of Connecticut, you’re sentenced to two more weeks.

I’m going to throw a Brett Favre pass downfield here for all those who were part of Barack Obama’s movement for change, either by making phone calls to swing voters or urging their friends to register. With Tuesday’s revote in Alpine approaching, now is the time to step up and gain the final yard on behalf of Roscoe, for we will never achieve the change Obama represents if we don’t start at the local level.

Have friends or co-workers in Alpine? Give them a shout, and make sure they cast absentee ballots before leaving town for Thanksgiving. Contact the Teton Dems (or Joe Albright at 730-0403) for a list of voters and phone numbers. Better yet, volunteer to go door to door in Alpine by contacting Jim directly at (307) 733-5389.

We’ve seen already that this race will be decided by a handful of votes, and if ever you were looking to make a difference, here is the opportunity. One volunteer, one vote, could tip the outcome.

After the jump is an account of my wild and woolly trip to Alpine.

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