councilmen to state reps: legalize it

By Jim Stanford on January 23, 2014

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Earlier this week, the town council invited state lawmakers and county commissioners for a discussion on the upcoming legislative session.

Sen. Leland Christensen and Reps. Ruth Ann Petroff and Keith Gingery talked about bills they plan to work on and issues such as state funding for local government. The latter is nuanced and not very sexy but important for how the town and county provide services.

Bob Lenz

At the end, we addressed a topic a little more tangible: a pair of bills that would legalize or decriminalize marijuana. The first, to be sponsored by Rep. Sue Wallis, a Campbell County Republican, would permit medicinal or even recreational use, while the second, authored by Rep. James Byrd, a Democrat from Laramie, would lower the penalty for possessing small amounts to $50 or $100.

That I support such measures is hardly a surprise. But what raised eyebrows was when 81-year-old Councilman Bob Lenz, a retired pharmacist, emphatically weighed in.

“Just legalize it and tax it and control it,” Lenz said. “I think you save a lot of problems … I’ve never had a joint in my life, but [from] everything they tell me, everybody smokes it.”

Skip ahead to the 61:30 mark. The marijuana discussion lasts about 6 minutes.

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newshound has nose for hops, herb

By Jim Stanford on October 24, 2013

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Jackson Hole and Teton Valley usually send a distinguished delegation to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver every year and come home with a lode of medals. This year, judging from a quick look at the awards list, Black Tooth Brewing Co. of Sheridan claimed the hardware for Wyoming.

Fortunately, our local brewers escaped the wrath of this investigative reporter from Conan who sniffed his way around the festival.

(Via Deadspin)


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Katchafire to light up Mountain Fest

By Jim Stanford on January 31, 2011

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Katchafire performs original roots reggae.

Let’s hope they consult a better map this time.

Katchafire, the Maori reggae band that got lost and canceled its appearance at last summer’s Targhee Fest, is slated to headline the Jackson Hole Mountain Festival on March 26.

The seven-piece band from New Zealand was one of the most anticipated acts for Targhee, and the mix-up — apparently the musicians thought they were headed to a “Targhee, Wyoming” near Laramie — caused no small amount of disappointment among fans.

This time, the group will play for free at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, the centerpiece of a weekend that includes the Pole Pedal Paddle, Coombs Classic and other festive events.

Package deals of lifts, lodging and lunch are available for $99 per person, based on a two-night minimum and quad occupancy. Click here for details.

The slow burn of Katchafire just might be hot enough to lure back the D.O.G. Rasta Team — recently relocated to Oregon — and have Iron Monkey/Taste of Consciousness MCs Adam and Christian in full regalia.


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Willie Nelson to return to Snow King

By Jim Stanford on May 4, 2010

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Willie Nelson performs at Snow King in September 2005.

Like sunlight over the mountaintop, he’s coming back again.

Beloved country crooner Willie Nelson will return to Jackson Hole to play an outdoor concert at Snow King on Sept. 4. Tickets are not yet on sale.

The gig is listed on Nelson’s tour page, and Snow King announced the show yesterday afternoon.

Willie and family last played the King in 2005, also on Labor Day weekend. That show was the biggest in Jackson Hole history, drawing a capacity crowd estimated at 5,000.

Silvertag Live, the company owned by Paul Thornton, formerly of Idaho-based Bravo Entertainment, had been in negotiations to bring Widespread Panic back to Snow King over July Fourth weekend, but Thornton wrote in an e-mail last month that the show was unlikely to happen. Grand Targhee also made a bid for two nights of Panic, which would have been Heavenly.

After the jump, a review of Willie’s 2005 show at Snow King.

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Rastaman vibrations

By Jim Stanford on February 2, 2010

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The ladies go wild to the honey-sweet reggae.

The ladies go wild to the honey-sweet reggae of Anthony B.

A few frames from Sunday night’s roast at the Knotty.

Anthony B. gave a relentless performance. If at times the roots-style reggae was a bit trite, the dancehall portion was more visceral, with frenetic rapping over a faster tempo. Anthony B.’s intensity never wavered, as he led the snow-white audience in a two-hour, hands-swaying, call-and-response hymnal with the frequent refrain, “Idaho, how ya feelin’?”

Judging by the grins, the crowd appeared to be feeling all right. The D.O.G. Rasta Team was out in full regalia, waving the lion of Ethiopia.

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