storm’s impact hits home

By Jim Stanford on November 2, 2012

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Massive oak overturned by the storm outside the Stanford home on Long Island.

In 2005, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, National Geographic ran a cover story about the increasing number and severity of hurricanes. I sent the magazine to a friend whose parents’ home was destroyed on the Mississippi coast.

At the time I was worried about the future of New Orleans — not New York.

The images coming out of Queens and New Jersey this week look a lot like Louisiana and Mississippi post-Katrina. My family was fortunate: Being far enough inland on Long Island, flooding was not a danger. But my mom said her house shook unlike anything she had experienced in her life, and a towering oak fell over in the front yard, luckily away from the house.

My family went without power for nearly four days. Cell service was wiped out for much of that time, but mom had her trusted, wall-mounted rotary phone that allowed her to stay in touch. An oil lamp brightened the nights.

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let financiers taste austerity

By Jim Stanford on October 14, 2011

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Anyone can march for economic justice.

The revolution will be caffeinated.

With Occupy Jackson Hole protesters gathering Saturday and Sunday on the Town Square, Shades Cafe is planning to shuttle over coffee and muffins. Bring your own mug, presumably. Efforts also are underway to procure pizza.

People are free to come to the Square beginning at noon each day. Participants will be acting on their own, showing solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement begun in New York and rapidly growing around the world.

Predictably, as word of the Jackson protest has spread, critics have smirked at the idea of such an event in a county that has been touted (falsely) as the richest in America.

“You morons, get a job and support yourself,” former cop Alan John wrote on the Facebook page.

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Art of Flight takes off in NYC

By Brad Desmond on September 10, 2011

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(Ed. note: With Wyoming snowboard star Travis Rice bringing big air to the Big Apple this week, we asked former Jackson resident/DJ/shredder turned NYU grad student/hipster Brad Desmond for a report. Besides studying the music biz, Brad writes about music and other topics on his blog, My Sunday Sweater.)

A peek inside the Beacon, before the premiere of Travis Rice's The Art of Flight.

When I first watched Brain Farm’s That’s It That’s All at its Jackson Hole premiere in 2008, I was blown away. And not just because I won the raffle twice (Quiksilver coat and belt), but because it was clear that Brain Farm was breaking new ground in the world of ski porn. As my chest vibrated with the soundtrack’s bass and pupils dilated to take in the scope of IMAX/Planet Earth-quality cinematography, I was surprised to feel something other than the usual image-induced stoke. That desire to run to the nearest chairlift was there, however matched by a sense of awe and wonder that I had yet to experience from an action sports film.

Naturally my excitement for Brain Farm’s follow-up built as The Art of Flight began to garner media hype last winter. I was even more excited when I found out the film’s world premiere would take place in New York City, a place I recently migrated to from Jackson. But this excitement fizzled when the show quickly sold out (I guess I took the Jackson habit of last-minute ticket buying with me). A quick look on Craigslist revealed tickets selling between $50 and $100 (retail was $20, plus Ticketmaster fees). It was clear that whatever marketing Brain Farm, Quiksilver and Red Bull were doing was paying off.

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hunkered down

By Jim Stanford on August 27, 2011

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Hurricane Irene hits the North Carolina coast. Click to enlarge.

As luck would have it, I was supposed to be on the East Coast this weekend, first for the nuptials of dynamo blogger, radio reporter and former Jackson resident Lauren Whaley, and then a quick family visit, the highlight of which was a fishing trip off Long Island on Sunday. I pulled the plug once the scope of the storm and associated travel woes became apparent.

For a few days, culminating yesterday, it seemed there was a crazy convergence in the cosmos: smoke from the Red Rock Fire filling Jackson, the prospect of a major cyclone blasting New York, new moon, high tide, Mercury in retrograde. After I returned from cancelling my flight at Jackson Hole Airport, a friend and I were having coffee on the deck at Shades when power lines began to crackle and explode above us at the back of Snake River Grill.

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Hard Knock

By Jim Stanford on January 24, 2011

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Former Jackson writer and musician Dennis Derryberry sent me this cartoon 10 years ago. A timeless truth.

This one hurts, almost as much as 1983 and 1999.


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