Beersport: Gelande Quaffing Championships

By Jim Stanford on May 5, 2012

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Because everyone needs to unleash their inner Frank the Tank from time to time.

Held during one of the biggest blizzards of the winter, the Gelande Quaffing World Championships hit new heights this year, as depicted in some of the acrobatic moves from the freestyle final round. David Stubbs takes us behind the scenes and into the thick of the foam-flying beer chugging competition.

I’m sending this out in tribute to MCA, Adam Yauch, of the Beastie Boys.
“Your mom busted in and said, ‘What’s that noise?’ …”

(Via A Vivid Eye)


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in memoriam: Billy’s Burgers

By Jim Stanford on March 30, 2012

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Billy's burgers were known for being large, cheap and served on a toasted bun with mayonnaise and a side of waffle fries. Legions of tourists and locals came as much for the atmosphere and boisterous staff as the food.

Today is the last day of Billy’s Giant Hamburgers. The landmark Town Square eatery is closing after 28 years.

So devotees better move fast to down one last gut bomb, at least in the tiny nook with ’50s-style counter service that distinguished the place. The burgers may resurface in some yet-to-be-determined dining venture, possibly down the street at Teton Theater, but the character of Billy’s will disappear into history like a coating of burnt gristle scraped from the grill.

I worked in Billy’s my first winter in Jackson Hole. I had been hired that fall to wait and bus tables in the adjacent Cadillac Grille, but it quickly became obvious that Billy’s was more my speed. I only had been in the valley a few weeks when, on my first day on the job, Harrison Ford came in for a Billy’s burger. He sat with his back to the window and ate quietly. I knew I had come to the right place.

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Shit Skiers Say

By Jim Stanford on January 11, 2012

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“Did I land it?”

Hot on the heels of the Shit Girls Say meme comes Shit Skiers Say, produced by the hustling media team at Whistler Blackcomb.

Seeing as how Jackson Hole is the GoBro capital of the ski world, some of these lines ought to ring a bell.

Shit Everyone Says is fairly played out, but if I wanted to take the meme a step further (and perhaps score a book/TV deal), I’d compile a feed of mystic musings about snow and skiing, called Shit Theo Meiners Says.

(Video via readers Suzy Q and Fresh Tracks)


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$3 shuttles available for New Year’s

By Jim Stanford on December 29, 2011

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Update: Click for schedule.

Thanks to the JH Late Night Transportation Crusade, New Year’s Eve merrymakers can get a safe, cheap ride home in something other than a police cruiser.

Shuttles will be provided between 12:30 and 3 a.m. connecting Teton Village, the West Bank and town. The town drop-off locations are Albertsons, Town Square and St. John’s Medical Center. Pick-up points on the West Bank are the Mangy Moose, Q Roadhouse and Stagecoach Bar.

Shuttles will run about every 20 minutes. Tickets are for sale in advance at the Town Square Tavern liquor store, Mangy Moose market and The Liquor Store, next to Albertsons.

So go ahead, have that extra extra glass of champagne and kiss the girls at midnight, assuming you can find any.

Aaron Davis has a rundown of all the New Year’s music around Jackson Hole.

Kudos to the organizers behind the transportation campaign. Between their efforts and the recent appointment of April Hankey to the START board, hopefully the community can come up with better bus service at night.

Last week, I met a group of West Bank friends at the ‘Coach to commemorate a special occasion. Because I caught a ride to the bar, I resigned myself to taking a cab home, if needed. After not finding anyone else driving to town, I took the cab — and had to pay $20 for a ride to the Square, which is freaking ridiculous.


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King woos locals with $149 pass

By Jim Stanford on October 4, 2011

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The King looks to extend its reign.

With the first winter storm fast approaching the Tetons, Snow King Resort is pitching a sale on season passes, in perhaps a last-ditch effort to save the ski area.

Unlimited season passes are just $149 through Oct. 31, available online. Starting Nov. 1, the price jumps to $259.

When the resort announced last winter that it sought to part with the ski area and ice rink, there was an outcry here to rally on behalf of the beloved Town Hill. As several of you have suggested, I look forward to delving into some of the financial issues in greater detail. But in the meantime, the pass deal raises a few key questions:

Can we do our part to save the ski area by buying a pass? Should we?

I’m tempted, even though I rarely ride the lifts. Usually the King gets one or two surprise powder days each season, and those alone — coupled with a few free post-hiking downloads in summer — make the price of a pass worthwhile. Also, uphill skiers do reap the benefits of snowmaking and grooming.

I’d feel better if the $149 was a way of paying into a community co-op, and I’d actually own something (rather than giving the resort a donation). Maybe in essence this is just the same thing.

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