woman hits deer, gets dragged by truck, saved by cop

By Jim Stanford on January 27, 2014

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Corp. Roger Schultz of the Jackson Police Department was on patrol heading west on Broadway on Jan. 17 when an elderly woman hit two deer with her truck.

Schultz blocked traffic and removed the deer, a doe and fawn, from the road. As he got back in his patrol car and moved it out of traffic, he noticed the woman being dragged by her truck. Flustered from the collision, she had gotten out of the vehicle but forgot to put it in park.

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redneck refuse leads to poaching bust

By Jim Stanford on November 4, 2013

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Game Warden Jordan Kraft shows the antlers taken by the poachers.

In a plot that could have been lifted from The Legend of Colton H. Bryant, two gas field workers are facing fines, jail time and loss of hunting privileges for poaching two mule deer bucks near Pinedale last fall.

The men were undone by their redneck lifestyle, leaving behind a tin of Copenhagen chew and can of Monster energy drink they apparently littered at the scene of the crime. Wyoming Game and Fish Department investigators were able to trace the men through surveillance video at the convenience store where they purchased the items.

The Game and Fish press release, after the jump, reads like a horror story of gas field culture. There’s no telling what acts of depravity humans may commit when amped up on Monster energy drink.

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out of hibernation

By Jim Stanford on May 17, 2013

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Grizzlies 399, 610 and their cubs look as cute as teddy bears in the thousands of photos park visitors have taken of them in recent years. They have their own Facebook pages and bumper stickers.

Yet they are meat-eating predators, a reality we often overlook. This video, best watched in full screen, ought to keep a few tourists from approaching too close.

Thank you to all of you for loyally checking this site in the last few weeks, thinking perhaps today might be the day something new replaces the April snow story. As I explained earlier in a comment, I was out of town (for Jazz Fest), then returned to an onslaught of budget meetings and Lodging Overlay discussions. Also, we have begun running the river at Barker-Ewing Scenic Trips.

Male griz at Oxbow this spring.

To top it off, a faulty plugin caused this site to crash (for me, if not you), preventing the posting of anything new when I did have time. At 2 a.m. today, after much consultation with the hosting service, I finally resolved the problem.

Like a hungry bruin emerging from the den, I’m ready to sink my teeth into writing again. Thanks for your patience and input. Here’s to much excitement in the coming weeks!

(Photo by Greg Winston; video via Deadspin)


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here’s why refuge pathway is closed

By Jim Stanford on April 14, 2013

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North Highway 89 pathway near Gros Ventre River last fall.

To the chagrin of many cyclists, the Highway 89 pathway north of town along the National Elk Refuge is closed until April 30.

The closure is part of the deal Teton County arranged with the refuge to build the pathway in 2011. Despite a recent plea by cycling advocate Tim Young to open the path early, the refuge is sticking to the specified dates.

The path offers a velvety-smooth ride 10 miles to Moose and another 8 miles to Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park. Only the portion along the refuge, between Jackson and Gros Ventre Junction, is closed from Oct. 1 to April 30 each year; the park sections presumably are rideable when free of snow.

Although it may seem aggravating and bureaucracy at its worst, there is a rationale behind the closure. To better explain it, county pathways coordinator Brian Schilling provided the following list of frequently asked questions. The bottom line: Be patient, people, and let the refuge finish studying impacts.

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coyotes tame lions on refuge

By Jim Stanford on March 31, 2013

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The juvenile lions take refuge on a fence. Click to enlarge.

A week after a family of mountain lions devoured an unfortunately named black Lab, canines have struck back.

A pack of five coyotes chased a pair of mountain lion kittens onto a buck-and-rail fence Thursday evening on the National Elk Refuge. Staff from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service photographed the standoff, which lasted more than an hour. One cat ran away with the coyotes in pursuit, while the other hid in the grass as darkness fell.

The photos, posted in an online gallery and widely shared, had been viewed nearly two million times as of this afternoon.

The kittens appeared to have survived the encounter, as refuge staff spotted both Saturday. The whereabouts of the mother reportedly were unknown.

(Photo by Lori Iverson/USFWS)


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